Sci Fi

  • Antenna

    a short film by Carsten Woike Starring: Felix de Buhr, Peter Kaempfe, Michael Meyer, Helge Kösling
    A sci-fi/drama set in an old school amateur-radio world.
    A lonely 11-year-old-boy gets in contact with an alien via his old radio-transmitter. Or does he?

  • Burnt Grass

    Directed by Ray Wong

    Sally and Jack, a young couple in the city, discover a strange phenomenon in their backyard that duplicates organic life. Sally quickly envisions its wild possibilities, while Jack suffers its consequences. Written and Producer: Sabena Kapil Alex Paxton-Beesley as Sally C...

  • Eve Film Independent Project Involve

    Directed by Brittany B.Monét Fennell

    What happens when the world is completely barren? Eve Shields will find a way to recreate human life even if it means risking her last egg.

  • Course Correction

    Directed by Laurie Uhler

    When an Flight Attendant finds a lost boy, he has no choice but to help him - but who ends up helping who? One small act of kindness can make a lifetime of difference.

  • Of The Essence


    Directed by Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser

  • Prospect

  • INDIGO GREY The Passage

    Directed by Garrett Coleman

    "A young boy's discovery of a mysterious gas mask provides a glimpse into an alternate reality."

  • The iMom

    Directed by Ariel Martin

    When technology exceeds humanity...


    Written and Directed by Nick Citton

    Somewhere between then and now, a time traveler defies his orders, and compromises a future he cannot un-learn. Starring Zachary Quinto and Robert Baker Producedd by James Brown and Jesse Savath Cinematography by Norm Li Music by Son Lu