Directed by Tamar Glezerman

    "Fill your heart with French Fries" is a short sad comedy about a woman who gets dumped by her girlfriend at a fast food joint, and, too sad to go home, just stays there for a week.


    Directed by Lucy Campbell

    Runaway lovers Marina and Adrienne dress as men to get work as on a fishing trawler, hoping to sail away to a new life. Far out at sea, a ferocious storm picks up, and childbirth, death and superstition are challenged by the power of love.

  • Melon Head

    Directed by Andy Fortenbacher

    MELON HEAD is a award-winning romantic comedy about Gordon -- a dimwitted chubster with pure intentions, who follows some god-awful advice and tries to impress the woman of his dreams by scaring the crap out of her


    Directed by Carsten Kurpanek

    Happily Ever After is a romantic comedy about hopeless romantic, ANNIE. In a quest to not end up like her parents, miserably together, Annie puts her dates to the test when things start to get serious. If she and her date can recreate movie magic, Annie knows they'...

  • Digits

    Directed by Alexander Engel

    Dude loses the last two digits of this girl's number. Tries every combination to find her. It's a comedy.

  • Deep Blue

    Directed by Joe Nankin

    A young Mennonite woman harbors a secret romance on the eve of her baptism.

  • A Subway Story

    Directed by Eugene Kolb

    Two people recount their first meeting on the New York City subway.

  • The Proposal

    Directed by Ian Robertson

    A romantic comedy about a couple finding truth, courage and love where they least expected it, underneath their dinner table.

  • Dear Tom

    Directed by David Tembleque
    Sometimes, fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing direction, even two parallel lines could possibly meet one day. You only stopped for a moment, and when you turn around, it's gone... I met a girl a year ago. We dated for 3 months and I filmed our private ...

  • Cloudrise

    Directed by Denver Jackson
    Set in a fantasy world above the clouds, Cloudrise follows a pivotal moment in the lives of two lovers as they face a great challenge. Watch as Miko and Tenku fight to survive an attack on their new airship and take the necessary measures to help each other. Hold on to...

  • The Girl in the Green Dress

    Directed by Johanna Goldstein
    A surreal drama set in the conservative world of America's 1950s housewives, exploring themes of modern feminism and sexual liberation. Contemporary dance is intertwined with narrative, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

  • Summer Orbit

    Directed by Kristian McKay
    Love is being destroyed by the power and greed of the world. A man boards a train with only his memories and a dream folded in his pocket.

  • LEAP

    Directed by Justin Ervin
    A young woman goes upstate for a getaway with a friend who wants to be something more. Upon her return she is faced with reality - and a decision.