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Blue Ventures

Nature • 6m 6s

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  • Defying Plastic

    Directed by Talia Schizzano

    Plastic Pollution is everywhere and the facts are overwhelming. It may feel impossible to get away from plastic these days. Living in South Florida, I am able to witness first hand how much plastic ends up on our beaches and in the ocean. It's devastating. The solut...

  • Gyrecraft

    Directed by Alexander Groves

    A short film about crafting objects at sea, in the past with whale’s teeth and the future with caught plastic melted with a machine harnessing the sun. Gyrecraft is an exploration into maritime crafts which exists in every coastal or island culture around the world...

  • Connected

    Directed by Ziggy Livnat

    Connected is a visual and musical celebration of our planet's oceans. The film delivers a sense of wonder about the diversity of marine life, moving the viewer to appreciate the complexity of the underwater world. At the same time, viewers must pause to consider their ...