Music and Dance


    A high school student, attempting to complete his musical opus, keeps getting distracted by the intense fights of his mentally imbalanced father and overly doting mother. Official Selection Short of the Week 2018 Camerimage International Film Festival 2017 LA SHORTS International Film Festival 20...

  • Kristian's Prelude

    Directed by Bente Mars

    Kristian is a 23 year old musician. He plays with his best friends in a band. But life changes drastically after he is confronted with a brain tumor. Music, friendship and his illness intertwine.

  • Paul

    Directed by Nicolas Capra

    Tonight is the biggest night of Paul’s teen-life; he’s playing the Battle of the Bands in front of the girl of his dreams. But when Paul's lead singer drops out last minute, he either has to face his fear and sing in front of a crowd, or drop out of the competition.


    Directed by Vasilii Builov

    One day from the life of a piano tuner. The special one...

  • Bridge Music

    Directed by Andrew Porter

    In 2004, Joseph Bertolozzi recorded the sounds of the Mid-Hudson Bridge in New York State using those sounds to compose Bridge Music, making the bridge the largest percussion instrument in the world. The music contains no other tones than those of the bridge itself. T...

  • The Wayward Wind

    Directed by Steve Delahoyde and Monica Thomas

    A wayward traveler is encouraged to settle down.

  • FLORA CASH - California

    Directed by EJ Drake

    A child immigrant traveling through the Californian desert in search of a better life overcomes adversity by embracing her imagination.

  • Grey

    Directed by Kent Donguines

    GREY is about difference. Though the script has a very strong, literal connection to the issues of racism and gender equality, the message behind GREY can apply to any situation where there are opposing worlds and ideas. A woman and man from opposing worlds have the ...

  • Oh Dusya my Marusya

    Directed by Alexey Belkin

    3 persons are traveling and trying to find traditional music.

  • Dancing With U - Marc Richter ft. Remington Maxwell

    Directed by Marc Richter

    his song is the embodiment of my childhood in a PG format. However, mine was rated R. A little over a year ago I discovered a brave dancer named Erik, who's defying image when it comes to dance; and I reached out to this man, informing him that I wanted to produce a s...

  • 4_BMOTD

    Directed by Josh Real

    A teenage girl is unhappy with her life. Tired of seeing her parents fighting, she runs away from home and goes to a party where she puts herself in danger. The music video shows her running away and the events that take place at the party. She is then saved and brought h...


    Directed by Moritz Schneider

    OPUS BRAIN is a monumental piece of music with a vast range of speed and atmosphere. Whirlwind attacks by pounding drums switch to eery chants that chill you to the bone. In listening to the piece by Igorrr one experiences a narrative of epic, timeless, almost myth...

  • Overcame the Sun - Cloudy Busey

    Directed by Julian Clark

    A disastrous re-entry to earth forces an astronaut to find himself.

  • Musician

    Directed by Aleksei Borovikov

    Young pianist Dima is preparing for audition in a prestigious music school. But before the performance he finds that his parents separated and decides to save the family.

  • Torn

    Directed by Mike Loewenrosen


    Directed by Louise Coetzer

    Moving forward through life, we find ourselves constantly looking back. Often, the past can seem like a bright and shining time - or, our histories loom like a dark shadow behind us. Some memories wee try to hang on to, and others we choose to forget. The Forgotten e...

  • KITKA Bulgarian Folk Dance

    Directed by Ky Kim

    KITKA is a folk dance group from Vancouver, whose mission is to keep the Bulgarian spirit alive through performances in a multitude of international festivals. The video first explains the basic ideas and meanings behind the Bulgarian folk dances. Later, the sequence of comb...

  • Backwards

    Directed by Jake Saner

    Backwards was originally created by Chuck Wilt and Jake Saner. It later became the Official Music Video for Figs Vision's song 'Backwards'. An UNA Projects Production.

  • INDIGO GREY The Passage

    Directed by Sean Robinson

    "A young boy's discovery of a mysterious gas mask provides a glimpse into an alternate reality." HAMMERSTEP presents: INDIGO GREY: THE PASSAGE, an award-winning short film that mixes sci-fi, dance and martial arts.

  • Sudden Death

    Directed by Adam Hall

    Los Angeles has been overtaken by a virus known as Sudden Death Syndrome, a disease that causes its victim to die suddenly and has only one symptom... spontaneously breaking into well-choreographed song and dance.

  • 11th ODC Video Theres No Age For Dancing

    Directed by Online Dance Company

    It could be a love and tenderness story between a grandfather and his grandson, in fact, it’s not that different. This film reunites the “tap dance’s father", Michel, and one of the greatest hopes in dancing, Francisco. On stage, Michel nullifies gravity in tim...

  • More Than Time Stolen

    Directed by Azaria Hogans

    This film explores sexual assault on college campuses; more specifically the affects of the assault on the survivors. This dance is dedicated to the anonymous author of the article, “Open Letter to My Attacker,” published in the Georgia College Colonnade.

  • L.A. Fadeaway

    Directed by Meg Sutton

    A young female musician in 1977 Los Angeles must prove that talent speaks louder than noise when she finds herself in an industry full of sellouts.


    Directed by Marie Jamora

    Tired of conforming to what is expected, 14-year-old Vanessa dares to break the mold by learning the art of turntablism behind her older brother’s back. Set in the early 1980s in the era of hip-hop’s game-changing influence within the Filipino-American community, FLIP ...