Made by Women


    Directed by Payal Sethi

    In the chaotic 'old city' of Hyderabad, 18-year-old Raisa hatches a dangerous and improbable plan to save her younger sister from becoming a one-day bride. Raisa lives with her Ammi and three younger sisters in Hyderabad's Old City. When Ammi promises her 13-year old da...

  • Two Islands

    Directed by Marilyn Smith

    Two Islands is about the current state of the migration crisis in Greece, three years after massive populations began fleeing their war-torn homes in 2015. The short film delves into the human stories of the crisis told by the accommodating local women on the island o...

  • I want to be a FILM DIRECTOR.

    Directed by Andrea CasasecaFerrer


    Directed by Louisa Taabni

    The leopard shall lie down with the goat. The wolves shall live with the lambs. And the young boy will lead them. 12+1 kids and the carcass of a whale washed ashore…

  • How to Make it in Echo Park

    Directed by Erica Martinez

    Two best friends, Erica and Dre, find themselves in financial straights and must come up with a way to quickly make their ends meet.

  • Woman Up

    Directed by Katrina Brown

    “Imagine standing on a stage naked under a spotlight”: that’s how Eilidh describes the feeling she used to have of doing sport in front of others – a feeling she has gone to great lengths to deal with and to discover her passion and talent for mountain biking. A movin...

  • Fight or Flight

    Directed by America Young

    This story follows Jane "Dragonfly" Archer as she arrives home from the hospital to a broken apartment that reflects the damage from the violence on her physically and mentally. Bandages and healing scars do nothing to protect her from reliving the horror of that nigh...

  • Such and Such

    Directed by Ashley Seering

    The story of Such and Such, a boutique farm that provides fresh produce and humanely raised pork to some of the best restaurants in St. Louis, MO.

  • Dinner Date

    Directed by Selena Lane

    A woman prepares an elaborate dinner for what she hopes will be a special occasion.

  • ONEITA PARKER; Drawing with Stitches

    Directed by Rosser Goodman

    Hollywood Costumer Designer, Oneita Parker, returns to her roots in the Fashion Industry. As a graduate of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, Ms. Parker now turns her attention to the juried show at M.A.G.I.C.

  • Piece by Piece

    Directed by Julia Balayan

    Piece by Piece documentary showcases how art elevates the homeless population of Skid Row Housing Trust in a healing way, in a powerful way and brings the community together.

  • Rough Waters

    Directed by Claire Imler

    Submerged in the darkness of her depression, Katie struggles to stay afloat the rough waters in her life, but uncovers what matters most in her journey to recovery.

  • Hashtag Effect

    Directed by Emily Wheatley

    This film features Christian Watson of the previous @1924us and his story of how the effects of a very large following of over half a million began to weigh on him. In our current society many people hold Social Media Influencers, like Christian, on a pedestal- Seein...

  • Lighting the Abyss

    Directed by Aitran Doan

    Vietnamese-American volunteer at a Greek refugee camp for three months on the island of Leros, 30 km from Turkey. The island that has shuffled tens-of-thousands of people into the European Continent. She abruptly left the camp and emphatically travelled with a family so...

  • Microsculpture

    Directed by Tanya Cochrane

    THE INSECT PORTRAITS OF LEVON BISS. From the collections of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

  • Before Petrichor

    Directed by Marianne Lu

    Based on true events. Before Petrichor guides you through the feeling of losing control, facing acceptance, and persevering through the hardships one may face in order to survive and keep on --come what may. A true story about a young woman who faces her obstacles and l...

  • For Pa

    Directed by Heather Minor

    Today, April 16th, Pa would have been 79 years old. I knew right away when we lost him that I wanted to make a video for him. I needed something to look back on to remember him but even more so, to remember exactly how I felt. Losing someone you love is hard, and sadl...

  • The Perfumist

    Directed by Daniela Lobo Dias
    A dramatic story highlighting the battle of machine-equipped man against cosmic nature. Seeking the perfect scent for his perfume, Benedict Malville runs into the consequences of trampling on sacred, natural ground.