Live Action

  • The Apocalypse

    Directed by Andrew Zuchero

    4 uninspired friends try to come up with a terrific idea of how to spend their Saturday afternoon.


    Directed by Antonio Oreña Barlin

    When a lighthearted office prank goes a little pear shaped, Ed is left to pick up the pieces and try to save not only his job but his dignity. Drawcard is a film about misdirected intentions, innocent mistakes and our inability to handle them as adults. We don'...


    Directed by Thomas Scohy

    Wilson is very good at decision-making in daily life. But he actually uses tricks...

  • GREENthefilm

    Directed by Suzanne Andrews Correa

    An undocumented Turkish pedicab driver unwittingly draws police attention, endangering his brother, his community, and himself.


    Directed by Asia LeMasters

    Despite how pure love can be, relationships don’t always end so perfectly. The evolution of Hailey and Emma’s relationship is explored through their collective memories as the girls retrace their times together. After their relationship ends, Hailey goes to a despera...

  • Bonsai

    Directed by Kent Donguines

    Bonsai is a story about Frida, a teenager with a head full of leaves, who is deprived and neglected of the nurturing she should be getting. Frida, who was once a joyful teenager becomes a melancholic individual whom is faced with challenges after losing her mother. F...

  • L.A. Fadeaway

    Directed by Meg Sutton

    A young female musician in 1977 Los Angeles must prove that talent speaks louder than noise when she finds herself in an industry full of sellouts.

  • Marc Chung Protects His Address

    Directed by Micheal Chan

    Marc Chung buys a pellet gun to protect his address.

  • Windscreenwiperman

    Directed by Sam Baron

    A man makes friends with a teenage boy online.

  • Cootie Contagion

    Directed by Joshua Smooha

    Warning: Code Red! It’s a Cootie Outbreak! The disease is spreading and Matt’s at risk. Matt likes Becca, his infected science partner. Cootieologist Connor has warned Matt about the dangers of girls and will quarantine Matt if necessary. Matt has to stay away from Be...

  • I Think It's Pretty Obvious

    Directed by Michael Acosta

    Recent exes, Jason and Tess, are stuck inside of their apartment during a Zombie Apocalypse. With no food or water, they must decide who ventures outside to get it.


    Directed by Mike Berge

    A manic woman with a strict adherence to punctuality, must make it to a job interview when things get beyond her control.


    Directed by Synnove Godeseth


    Directed by Joseph Torrez

    Four highly trained operatives risking their lives for the greater good in this action packed web series from Toymaker Pictures.

  • The Long Weekend

    Directed by Jeff Negus

    An unhappy millennial comes to terms with the death of his childhood dog.