• Jessica Clark Racing

    Directed by Ellen Houlihan

    Jessica Clark, a 21-year-old race car driver from Ventura, California dreams of racing in NASCAR one day. As a confident and driven woman in a male-dominated career field, she is an empowering example of a woman defying the odds.

  • A Taste To Die For...

    Directed by Tiziana Mangiaratti, Agnese Chiesa and Temi Animasaun

    A short stop motion animation that aims to juxtapose vegan's and society's point of view around the consumption of animal product.

  • Futbol Fever

    Directed by Savva Svet

    The film was done during a 12-day workshop class with Werner Herzog and 48 other filmmakers across the globe. We were thrown deep into the Amazonia jungle and were tasked to come out with a film. Not knowing the language or the people, I came across Gersen and his family...

  • Seasons - FALL feat. Nikki Kimball

    Directed by Nic Davis

    What drives a world-class endurance athlete? A desire to test the extreme limits of physical ability, to be sure. But for some, there's something more in play - pushing the body in order to protect the mind.

  • I Was Here

    Directed by Julian Dalrymple

    Artist or curated hoarder? For the past forty years, Louis Zoellar Bickett has been operating an archive out of his home in Lexington, KY. From q-tips and stamps to urine and semen samples, Louis's archive has been a documentation of his daily life.

  • Territory

    Directed by Eleanor Mortimer

    The rock of Gibraltar is shared between two primate species: people and monkeys. The monkeys populated the upper rock long before the latest human inhabitants, the British, arrived, and now, 300 years on, there are tensions between the two. Attempts to expel the mo...

  • The Quiet Man

    Directed by Keith Rivers

  • The Race

    Directed by Dina Rudick

    A young, idealistic Huntington’s Disease researcher comes face-to-face with three generations of a family devastated by the fatal, incurable disease she studies. For the scientist, who has never met anyone with Huntington’s Disease, the stakes of her research become rea...

  • Sharp

    Directed by Conrad Laga

    In her own words, artist and Industrial Design student Lotti Zeiler traces the origins and evolution of her relationship with the craft of designing and forging knives. In a way, Lotti's journey as an artist mirrors the creation of her knives. It all begins with an idea...

  • Hyena Boys

    Directed by Tarryn Crossman

  • The Functional Potter

    Directed by Ben Tobin

    The story of functional potter, Eric Smith, and the 60 hour process of firing his word-fired kiln.

  • Type II Fun

    Directed by Dominic Joyce

    Watch three very average climbers suffer their way up the Nose at a snails pace. In true British style we made our ascent totally unprepared and arrogant as to how difficult it would be. The filmmaking style is a unique take on documentary and breaks the mould of a st...

  • What's Your L.A.

    Directed by Diana Cabuto
    "What's Your L.A.?" Explores the journey of artists from all over the world in LA. where friends become family , LA becomes home and where dreams and adventures are endless.

  • Missoula's Asaph

    A portrait of local Missoula pianist Asaph Adonai and his thoughts on music and life.