• The Melancholy Man

    The world's saddest man meets the world's saddest woman


    Directed by Adrian Elliot

    "Black(f)ish" is a comedy short about many frustrations members of marginalized communities face: being "The Only" in a group / not being seen or heard / those around us being so committed to their preconceived viewpoints that they are unwilling to consider our actual...

  • Giraffe

    Directed by Janne Schmidt

    When Elsa is hired by a call center company, after a somewhat remarkable job interview, she can start off immediately. However, after a short introduction a certain problem occurs. Elsa and her team cannot satisfy the unusual request from the caller and the sales volu...

  • Alternative Math

    A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.

    Directed by David Maddox

  • La Madre Buena The Good Mother

    Directed by Sarah Clift

    A Mexican mother embarks upon an epic journey across land and through her politics, to find her son's birthday request - a Donald Trump piƱata.

  • The Apocalypse

    Directed by Andrew Zuchero

    4 uninspired friends try to come up with a terrific idea of how to spend their Saturday afternoon.

  • Dollar King

    Directed by Trevor Smith

    Danny, Devin and Duke have planned the perfect crime: robbing the Dollar King on Halloween, its busiest night of the year. They've got pig masks to conceal their identities and squirt guns, spray-painted black to inspire fear. They'll be in and out in 90 seconds. There...

  • Last Will & Testament Inc.

    Directed by John Venable

    A father expresses himself from beyond the grave after he passes away. He hires an interesting company to handle the notification of his next of kin about which earthly possessions of his they'll be getting now that he's gone. Secrets are revealed as each member of the...

  • Dinner With a Murderer

    Directed by Ally Maynard

    A short film about three dimwitted friends who reunite with a murderer they grew up with.

  • Marc Chung Protects His Address

    Directed by Michael Chan

    Marc Chung buys a pellet gun to protect his address.

  • Elderflower

    Directed by Ben Mallaby

    Emily has opened a florist, she's living her dream, but she soon learns her new venture used to be a front for an entirely different business all together.

  • The 27 Club

    Directed by Carlos Solano

    Today is a big day for Roi! One of the biggest music production companies has offered him worldwide fame and the immortality as a pop star. All this under one condition.

  • The Village Fate

    Directed by Alice Goodrich

    Joe Harding, the only person in the village of Summervale seemingly under the age of 50, capitalizes on the petty feud between two elderly women and their prized tomatoes in an attempt to inject anarchy into village life. This conservative Dorset village unexpectedly...

  • Neil and John in... The Key

    Directed by Sherwin Shilati

    Neil and John test the bounds of their friendship in pursuit of mankind's greatest kept secret.

  • 36 Questions

    Directed by Giancarlo Fiorentini and Jonathan Grimm

    Inspired by a social experiment developed by psychologist Arthur Aron, who managed to get two strangers to fall in love in his laboratory 20 years ago, this short imagines what might happen with the two least compatible people participating i...

  • Born Again

    Directed by Jason Tostevin

    When five amateur Satanists have their summoning ceremony go terribly wrong, they're left to deal with the very holy shit consequences.

  • The Painter

    Directed by Ryan Zaragoza
    An eccentric artist struggles to meet an impending deadline because his upstairs neighbor won't stop distracting him.

  • Jack Of All Trades

    Directed by by Gregory T Evans
    All Jack wanted, was a date with Christina. She was smart, beautiful, and way out of his league. Jack figured she was into doctors, rockers, maybe hipsters. So he tried becoming all of them.

  • karma

    Directed by Sixing Su
    Cunning Hou attracts customers to his auto repair shop by spreading nails on the road; But when he's confronted by a business-sawy monk, he finds that what goes around might just come back round after all.

  • Assisted Living

    Directed by Daniel Burke
    An unpopular teen teams up with his grandma and her friends to push prescription meds at his local high school in order to make enough money for rent.