• Icefall

    Directed by Joseph Areddy

    Light and Darkness. Water and Ice. Dani Arnold, Stefan Siegrist, and other remarkable athletes climb frozen waterfalls which were lit up and colorfully glowing at night - a rare adventure shot in the barren beauty of Norway's Icefalls.

  • Kroger's Canteen

    Directed by Dean Leslie

    In 2014, Kilian Jornet won the Hard Rock 100 mile run through the San Juan’s of Colorado. Along the way he stopped at Kroger’s Canteen – an aid station perched on a tiny ledge, 13,100ft above sea level. This is a story about that aid station, about the people that make ...

  • Race The Tube

    Directed by Noel Carroll & James Heptonstall

    A Man Races on foot against the London Underground. Mansion House to Cannon Street. Will he make it?


    Directed by Dominic Joyce

    Eccentric skipper Olivier invites 8 cremates to join him as he attempts to sail North from Virginia (USA) into the Arctic circle on his hand built wooden sailing boat, in search of the legendary DISKOO bay.

  • Slacker

    Directed by Lech Wojas

    Slacker features slackliner Guy Ruyssevelt walking a line in El Chorro in Spain and includes interviews with him during his two days preparation and performance on Las Elcantadas. Guy’s story is unique; he pursues his sport with no interest in fame or glory, he simply lo...

  • 500 Miles to Nowhere

    Directed by Michael Paul Jones

    Elite paragliding pilots Nate Scales, Nick Greece, Matt Beechinor and Gavin McClurg attempt a bivvy line from Hurricane Ridge, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Filmed by Michael Paul Jones and Jeremy Caanon with RED Epic cameras, human flight has never been captur...

  • For the Love of Mary

    Directed by Kirk Horton and Simon Perkins

    The first time 97-year-old runner George Etzweiler completed the race up the northeast’s tallest peak, Mount Washington, he was 69 years old. Despite having a pacemaker, the State College, Pennsylvania resident continues to compete in the grueling 7.6-...

  • Ghost Peloton

    Directed by NVA & Mark Huskisson

    Created for the grand depart of the Tour de France 2014 from Yorkshire, Ghost Peloton fuses performance cycling with athletic choreography performed by Phoenix Dance Theatre’s dancers, and the varied landscapes of race route. Each rider, bike and performer was ...

  • Frontier of Firsts

    Directed by Tyler Allyn

    Frontier of Firsts follows the experiences of a whitewater kayaker and an Alaskan bush pilot during a kayaking expedition in Southern Alaska. Similarities in their respective passions emerge as the two work together to explore three previously un-run rivers.

  • Movement of Three

    Directed by Julie Angel

    A film I made with my friends Annty Marais- parkour coach, mover, athlete; Fizz Hood - movement artist, stunt woman and parkour coach, & Shirley Darlington parkour coach with Parkour Generations. Women see. Women Do. Women Move

  • Surfer Dan

    Directed by Lauren King

    Merrell presents a Camp4 Collective production: Surfer Dan. With an area of 31,700 square miles, Lake Superior is bigger than the state of Maine. In the winter months, strong winds blow across the cold water creating deadly currents… icebergs… and waves. Dan Schetter is...

  • Forged

    Directed by Tom Richards

    Following on from the success of his debut film North at last year's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, local Sheffield director, Tom Richards, explores a more diverse range of riding from downhill too road in Forged, filmed entirely in Sheffield and the surrounding Pe...

  • Moksha; Freedom through the Mountains

    Directed by Taylor Killian

    Moksha is a film that follows three Nepali women who have dedicated themselves to spreading the joy that mountain biking can give to women across the Himalayas. Follow these young women as they compete in mountain bike races across the Asian continent, claim titles a...

  • Montana Melody

    This is a video depiction of part of the official Montana State Ballad written and performed by LeGrande Harvey. I have the full length version available if the state is interested. Directed by David McLean

  • No Sleep Till Bakewell

    Directed by Simon Alveranga

    The first in Casio G-Shock's 'Never Give Up' series of documentaries follows crack climbers Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker as they attempt 125 climbs, 22 miles run and 0 sleep all in 24hrs. Having trrained their bodies for years, the two elite climbers have tackled ...

  • Ascend

    Directed by Simon Perkins

    As a young adult, Jon lost his leg to cancer. Mountain biking has played a critical role in helping him sink his teeth back into life. I am one of many who are lucky to get to call Jon a friend, as he is someone who does three important things for me in my life: he in...

  • A Montana Minute

    Directed by Evan Coverdell

    A handful of Tuesdays spent in Montana from winter to summer.

  • Anna

    Directed by Colin Ruggiero

    A one-minute look into the act of hunting for your food in the wilds of Montana with Anna Schaff.

  • Red Bull Dedicate DivingFree

    Directed by Adrian Nisan

    Jacques de Vos is an underwater photographer who spends most his time free diving with orcas. Helped by his crew, this South African became an expert in finding these incredible creatures in the ocean and spending a few seconds swimming with them underwater. We followe...

  • A Yellowstone Minute

    A video showcasing the wildlife and beauty of Yellowstone National Park. Sit back, relax and escape into the world's first National Park. You'll come away feeling inspired, uplifted and better for your visit to Yellowstone. Music: Challenges Expected: Darci Parker - Did you know tha...


    Directed by Fritz Kalakay, filming in part by Ben Goertzen

    "Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves." -Henry David Thoreau
    Upon graduating high school last year and deciding to wait to go to college, I experienced a very peculiar and unfamiiliar feeling. Something felt mis...

  • Montana Transitions

    Directed by Chris Kamman

    As season change in Montana, so do the sights, sounds and outdoor activities that Montanans experience. We transition from one beautiful season to another and our lifestyles often change along with it.

  • Phenomenality

    Directed by Lucas Jatoba

    This is the story of a man who drowned… and came back from the dead to sleep with the world’s most iconic supermodel, Twiggy. A big wave pioneer who “died more times than Jesus”, a man who constantly risked his life to find life, to find the edge or reason and overcome...

  • Montana

    Directed by Cole Homan

    This film showcases many activities and places in Montana (specifically Bozeman). Here you will see horseback riding, climbing, skiing, etc., all within Montana.